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  • Hello!

    Welcome to Marge Maghoney Photography.


    I'm psyched you found me and I'm excited to get started!

    I'm not looking to meet your expectations. Nor do I want to exceed them.


    I want to BLOW you away.


    So talk to me. After giving me all the basic information about yourself and the event, let me know what else you want. Gushing about a wedding photo you saw on Pinterest? Send the link to me and we'll not just recreate them, we'll make an even better version of it. Conscious about something? (For me, it's my ass. Especially when I'm bloated.) Tell me what you don't feel so hot about. Like your right angle than your left? Then tell me what you are 200% comfortable in flauting. Have a killer clea-vahge? A Crest whitestrips smile? We'll pepper the shoot with highlights of these. Have a photo of your dress? Send it to me (marge@margemaghoney.com), it always kickstarts inspiration for the shoot. Share your love story. Tell me how you met and what sealed the deal.


    Have fun browsing this site. You'll find full galleries at www.margemaghoney.com.

    Check out previous posts on blog. There's a bunch of wedding tips there.

    (We're currently transferring everything here.)


    Looking forward to reading your first email and getting this party started!




  • Marge

    About Moi

    It started with taking photos for leisure and sanity. Documenting moments of my life with friends and family. Enthusiasm turned to passion and passion led to a discovery of what truly makes me happy. I am a purple cow. A purple what? In a pasture, a purple cow would stand out from the rest, you would immediately notice it. A purple cow garners attention. The term was popularized by author Seth Godin in his book, Purple Cow, that "lists ideas on presenting yourself to clients in a more remarkable way, thus grabbing their attention and separating yourself from others in your field." I take pride in being chosen by my clients because of quality, quantity and a price range that spells out VALUE. That and they say I'm fun and chill to work with. I think when you've been doing something you love for so long, that comes naturally. It's easy for me to make you feel comfortable even if you feel you're at your dorkiest in front of a camera. Make you work it without looking like you're trying to. How? I guess it's just by being myself. And ridiculously focused on making you look the best on your photos and making your event a tighter set than the last. And isn't that what you want? When we're on the same page, we make the shoot an enjoyable experience and when you're having fun, that's when you look your best.


    Back to value. For less than $4.5K, you get:

    - A complimentary 1-hour engagement session.

    - Flashdrive that includes all original photos, edited images in color and black & white and a 3-4 minute photo slideshow with background music.

    - Online gallery for viewing and purchasing prints (customizable in color, B&W or sepia).

    - Zazzle account for ordering product souvenirs with wedding images.

    - Shared rights to photos.

    - Posting of select images on the Marge Maghoney Photography Facebook fan page for sharing and tagging. (optional)

    - 8" x 11" 60-page leather cover photo book.

    - Matcha Skin honeymoon pampering gift box.

    - 24" x 18" photo canvas.

    - 2 pcs. 5" x 7" 40-page softcover photo book for both sets of parents.

    - Custom calendar for the next 12 months with wedding images for each month.

    - 50% discount for 1-hour maternity or couple/family holiday photo shoot.


    All this?! Seriously? Yes, sweetheart. And the icing on the cake? Payment plans. Chop it up into 3, 4...even 5 installments! You won't even notice everything's been paid for by the time you're done. My point of view is this. If I was the bride, or the birthday celebrant, or the excited recently engaged or the proud mom of a graduate looking for a photographer to capture my special day, being good is, well, not good enough. I want someone extraordinary who is willing to work with me with what I am willing to spend. I still get super excited with every new event I'm working on. I get pumped up brainstorming with my brides (and on a few occasions, grooms) on how we can make their day totally awesome. I treat you not as a business connection but as a friend. I am constantly thankful for you allowing me,someone you have never met before, to be part of your special day. Not just a guest, but to be there to document an event you and your family will look back to in the years to come. So I tailor packages in such a way that is all-inclusive. Check them out, compare them with what the other photographer you were planning on calling has to offer and you'll find that there is nothing close to it out there. If, in the rare chance that there is, it would cost at least three times more expensive than what I offer. And just between you and me, that is plain old crap. Sure, talent has a price. But $7,000 for a day's coverage? Kiss. My. Sweet bootie. You can get an excellent photographer, a videographer, a day of coordinator and a make-up artist for that amount. Shoot, you can buy yourself (and the rest of your family) five freakin' Macbooks for that price.


    Seth Godin (in his book,"Tribes"), wrote:


    "We have an obligation to change the rules, to raise the bar, to play a different game, and to play it better than anyone has the right to believe is possible."


    Can I get an AMEN?!


    It is not just about changing the game. It is about being the best in the field because the best makes her clients happy and would not be happy herself by settling for less. Don't you agree?


    It all boils down to this. I absolutely LOVE what I do! From my first email exchange with you, to brainstorming for new ideas, preparing my gear, discovering your best angle, finding the moments in-between, seeing the look on your fiance's face as he sees you for the first time, the interesting conversations I have with you and your family, the atmosphere of celebration, updating the website with new photos, editing, laying out photo books, reading kind words you left on Yelp (to this day this makes my heart do back flips) to personally writing thank you cards and seeing photos of your first born on Facebook. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to make a living out of what I enjoy so much and I feel it automatically translates to passing on that gift to you.


    I won't bore you with a lengthy description of my 'style of photography.' Photos are meant to be seen and experienced. That is what the online portfolios are for. Craving for more? Head over to www.margemaghoney.com for full weddings.


    Enjoy! Can't wait to meet you!




  • Book Now


    Send me your event date, time & location at marge@margemaghoney.com prior to booking to ensure availability.

    You'll receive a prompt response and once availability is confirmed, you can go ahead and book any of the packages below.

    Once you're booked, do your happy dance and I'll do The Robot.


  • San Francisco City Hall Weddings

    For marriage license FAQ's, click here.

    For civil ceremony online reservations,click here.

    For civil ceremony FAQ's, click here.

    Instructions on Getting Married at City Hall:

    1. Ceremonies are available Monday-Friday at 10:00 a.m through 3:30 p.m. every half hour. There are three reservation slots available during each time period.

    2. Reservations require a payment of $72 at the time of booking. Appointments may be made:

    Online - Reservations can be made Online Civil Ceremony Reservations with a

    Visa or MasterCard. ONLY. A $5.00 convenience fee will be added.

    In person - Reservations may be made by one of the parties to the marriage or

    a third party. The person making the reservation must be able to pay at the

    time of making the appointment. Cash, money order, and debit card will be the

    ONLY method of payment accepted when making the reservation in person.

    3. Absolutely no changes can be made, and no refunds or credits will be given for any reason(s) including but not limited to cancellation, error, failure to show up, or any unforeseen circumstances.

    4. For Ceremonies...

    The ceremony will NOT be performed unless you present a VALID marriage license to the commissioner at the time of your ceremony. If you are unable to do so, you will be required to make another ceremony reservation and pay the ceremony fee again. If the marriage license was not purchased in San Francisco, it must be a PUBLIC marriage license for it to be valid in San Francisco.

    5. Marriage licenses are issued by prepaid confirmed marriage license reservation only.

    If a marriage license has already been purchased, check the expiration date of your marriage license prior to making the ceremony reservation. The marriage license is valid for 90 days from the marriage license issuance.

    If you plan to purchase your marriage license on the same day as your ceremony reservation, you must make and pay for a marriage license reservation for the same day at least 30 minutes earlier than your ceremony reservation time. For example, if your ceremony reservation is 10:00 a.m., your marriage license reservation should be scheduled no later than 9:30 a.m.

    6. Both parties to the marriage must be able to speak and understand English. If the commissioner feels that either party does not speak English, he/she may refuse to perform the ceremony unless you provide your own third-party interpreter. Couples requiring a ceremony performed in sign language or any other language, do not book the appointment online and you must call the County Clerk's Office, come to the office directly to make such arrangements or email a request to county.clerk@sfgov.org. Please allow a minimum of two week advance notice for all sign language bookings.

    7. The couple and no more than 2 witnesses should arrive at the INFORMATION DESK at City Hall, Room 168 for CHECK-IN 10 minutes before your appointment time (other witnesses shall wait in outside area.)

    8. Each couple must bring:

    Valid marriage license

    Legal photo identification

    At least 1 witness (NOT provided to you. Applies only to couples with a

    PUBLIC marriage license)

    No more than 6 guests total (includes witnesses, children, photographer)

    9. Ceremonies are performed in a location determined by the commissioner (usually ourprivate ceremony room or the rotunda, if available.) Specific requests for the rotunda or any other area will not be accepted as we cannot guarantee availability.

    10. A certified copy of your marriage record will not be available for purchase ($14) until 2 weeks after your ceremony. Same day and expedited services for certified copies are not available. Please plan accordingly.

    11. No form of litter is permitted to be thrown anywhere inside or outside the building (includes outside steps). Helium balloons, alcohol, and knives are not allowed into the building.

    12. Camcorders and cameras are permitted.



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