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Yesterday I got in the car to drive to the store. I drove down a busy street with a smile on my face, and a peaceful feeling in my body.

This has become a normal thing for me. I used to get anxious about people around me driving the wrong way, being inconsiderate, being too aggressive or driving too slow in the fast lane.

It’s frustrating and can easily upset you.

I had decided years ago that I'd loosen my approach, and not feel that I need to rush anywhere. I now let people drive the way they want to drive, and just flow with the traffic.

This can be your approach to preparing for your wedding.

When you're anxious, it’s usually because you want something done and it still isn't, or want something to be executed exactly the way you want it to. But this deadline, this vision, this need…is entirely self created.

We create the need to have something done at a certain time. We create the need for things to turn out the way we want them to turn out. We create the desire for other people to act the way we want them to behave.

We create our own anxiety. And we also have the keys to solve our own problems.

Let go of wanting to strictly adhere to the original plan. Let go of wanting things to turn out exactly as you’d like them to turn out. Let go of wanting people to act a certain way.

Loosen up your body, loosen the tightening of your mind, and go with the flow. Enjoy the preparations as they happen, feel the excitement when things start to come together, recognize the kindness of the people around you taking time out of their busy lives to support you in planning for this special day. Be grateful you have such people in your life. Not everyone does.

Be the calm center in the middle of all the frenetic wedding preparations.

Notice when you’re tightening up. Recognize this tightness stems from your desire for things to be a certain way. Loosen up on this desire and be happy with how things are.

The whole experience becomes a calm, beautiful path that you can enjoy with each step.



P.S. An online course is in the works on how to be a Mindful Bride. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you'd love to be included in the program. List them in the comments section below. :)

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