You know how you get those Facebook memories showing you photos from years back and you're like, 'That was 5 years ago?! Holy crap. Time be flying.'

That's how I felt when I buttoned up this year's photo sessions with Zachy and Sarah. I remember the first time I met them -- it was Zachy's first birthday.

I was just a couple of years in doing photography professionally and fairly new to this country. I was hustling like a mother and as any noob with hardly any budget would do, I marketed myself on Craigslist (back when it was free to post services).

Three Craigslist accounts with daily ad re-posting and uploading images on Pinterest generated leads for me. Good times.

That's how Lesley, Zachy & Sarah's mom, found me. That was 8 years ago. And each year thereafter, with a few exceptions, I'd take their photos for their holiday cards. I looked forward to seeing them each year and delighted every time I did and saw how they've grown.

Lesley always mails me a holiday card and I love seeing how she used the images we took that comes with a little snippet of what the kids are currently into. I thought that was cool. I've kept those cards 'til today. :)

Here's Zachy & Sarah through the years...








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