Last month I covered a Korean first birthday party in Castro Valley. The celebrant was a super cute and playful boy named Zach. He had an equally charming sister named Sarah whose haircut reminded me of Dora.

After the party, their mom, Lesley, had contacted me for another project. She was going to make custom holiday cards and wanted to have a pictorial for Sarah and Zach.

So last Saturday I headed to their San Francisco residence eager to meet these two adorable kids again. I was also excited to try out my new camera. Oh yeah! I finally got a new one (thanks Mahal!) and it's not even Christmas yet. One thing crossed out from my wish list! Wootwoo!

I arrive at their apartment and admire the high-ceilinged, simple and modern space. I heard the kids' voices and Lesley led me to the living room where they were playing. Sarah was in such a good mood and immediately introduced me to her baby doll. Zach was chillin' on the couch looking so cute in his tiny navy and white rugby shirt.

We start with the shoot right where they were and Sarah (along with her baby doll) played the perfect kid model, eagerly following my instructions with no complaints. Zach, at first, was probably confused by the lights but with Sarah's playful disposition, got into it as well.

Sarah started tickling him as he lay beside his mom on the floor and his laugh was so pure and contagious even I was laughing behind the camera.

We decided to walk to nearby Esprit Park. Dog owners were in engaged in conversations as their pets kicked it on the field. Zach and Sarah settled on a green bench as a lab approached them.

A few shots later, Lesley helped them change into matching blue penguin shirts. At this point, both kids have made their way to a nearby tree where Sarah seemed to balance herself while stretching. She started running the length of the walkway, doll in tow, and came dashing past Zach.

As the end of the shoot approached, we walked to the huge brick building across the park. Lesley settled by the stairs with Zach on her lap as Sarah ran around and made faces for the camera whenever she passed me.

Zach was still having a good time as we worked our way back to the apartment. I was still taking his photos as we were walking and he seemed to be very amused by this. He was still laughing as we turned to their street.

To Lesley, you have such beautiful children. I love their open and friendly personalities and high spirits. They were a joy to be around and a blast to work with. My favorites include Sarah making scary faces and Zach constantly curiously smiling at me.

Thank you for enlisting me to take their photos for your holiday project. I would love to see the final product. I'm sure it will turn out nice and crisp like the samples you showed me. I definitely look forward to working with you again and watch Zach and Sarah grow up.

Happy Wednesday!



Their storybook photo slideshow may be viewed here and the complete photo set here.

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