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Wedding Day Meditation

I know some of you may have busy mornings before your wedding, if this will just add another thing to the list, do it in the day before instead. All you need is 5 mins.

1. Find some space by yourself, and sit. Close your eyes and listen to your breathing.

2. As you breath in and out feel a sense of calm in your body. Listen to the silence of your body and feel the stillness. Imagine a huge lake which is perfectly still, calm and silent. As you breath feel the silence in your body and your internal strength.

Take a moment to sit like this and then imagine all of the joy, peace, happiness, serenity and love rushing into your body. Feel yourself filling up with all of the goodness in the world.

3. With this powerful positive energy, take a moment to think of your wedding day, not in detail, but just the day. Picture all of that loving joyful serene energy you have just absorbed flowing out of you and into your day.

Know with a deep certainty that today is a great day and everything will go exactly as it should, even if it’s not all to plan it will in its own way be perfect.

4. Take a deep breath and smile, feel your whole body smiling with a serene joy. Move your hands to your heart and feel the love that is there and know that within this love lies great happiness.

5. Drop your hands, keep your smile and open your eyes knowing that this will be more wonderful than you could have ever dreamed.

Then go and have a great day.



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