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Weddding Journal Tips

Writing can be therapeutic. But more than a form of release or expression, there are practical reasons why it calms us down. 

We have so many thoughts that go through our head. So many that it's normal to have a hard time catching up. Often when I write/type, I'd find myself skipping words because my mind is racing and my fingers can't keep up.

A great way to organize these thoughts is to write them down. Have something concrete and visible to track. Pieces we can deconstruct and put together based on a project's priority to achieve a certain goal. 

One of the biggest projects you might ever get your hands on is your wedding. And if you're not used to coordinating huge gatherings, you might find yourself overwhelmed and stressed, losing sight of the main the reason the celebration is for.

Problems, big or small, always have a solution. And that solution starts with something small, a baby step. That one little thing that gets the ball rolling. Your first domino. And just because something appears to be simple doesn't mean its impact is of the same size.

Every great thing started as a thought. We've already established that we have a lot of them. When you're planning a wedding, you can pretty much triple that. Lots to do. Tons to coordinate.

Time to bust out that journal and lay everything out. Consider this your wedding HQ. Information central for every idea, contact, detail and inspiration that crosses your mind. 

To start, here are a few areas you'd like to start with and evetually explore:

1. Details

    - date

    - time

    - budget

    - location ideas

    - guest estimate

    - bridal party

2. Inspiration

    - dress

    - decor

    - theme

    - color scheme

    - cake

    - flowers

    - hair & makeup

    - photography

    - music

3. Contacts

    - coordinator

    - family & friends who are helping out

    - vendors

4. Timeline

    - draft of the schedule on the wedding day

    - deadlines

    - monthly schedule to oversee if everything is chugging along smoothly with all vendors

5. Daily entries

    - Document the journey. Write down any developments. Did you get that venue by the lake you originally wanted? How did the cake tasting go? Were you able to book that awesome photographer you wanted? Did Aunt Debbie confirm that she can recreate that delicate cake you found on Pinterest? Aside from your wedding photos, this will be an awesome read in the future when you look back to your special day. Something wonderfully personal you can share with your children.

Like I said, write anything and everything that comes up. That piece of information might not be useful at the moment but there's a reason it crossed your mind. It might have more meaning later on.

Have you started you journal? What else have you written in it?

Inspire me. I'd love to hear it.

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