I started exchanging emails with Frank in October and finally got the chance to meet him and his then bride-to-be, Vivian, in the middle of December. They are my first couple for 2012 and I was happy to cover their civil wedding at the San Francisco City Hall with an extended shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts and Crissy Field, two of my favorite photo locations here in the Bay Area.

Frank was decked out in a suit and Vivian looked simple and beautiful in a light gray cropped sweater over a nude knee-length dress. They looked like high school sweethearts. Vivian had child-like mannerisms that Frank would often fondly observe as he held her hand.

We were joined by Frank's parents and friend. They were a warm and easygoing group and I had a nice time being around them. We surrounded Frank and Vivian at the rotunda as they exchanged vows. It was quiet and intimate and the happiness could be seen no only between the couple but also in Frank's parents. Needless to say, they more than approved of their new daughter-in-law.

We took a few more photos outside the building then we were off to the Palace. It was a beautiful day and the light was perfect. It kind of brought me back to Roxana and Anthony's pictorial a few months back. We made our way around the pond stopping here and there for couple and group photos. Vivian looked pretty not only in the formals but more so in the candids, I thought, as she had this childlike smile and would break out in giggles every time Frank would go in and give her a kiss. She appeared to be quite conservative and I could sense Frank's anticipation to be alone with her later on in the day.

Upon reviewing the set, we we came up with beautiful shots especially at the Palace and Crissy Field. My favorite is of the two of them by an old snack bar by the pier, with Vivian hiding on one side looking for Frank in the other. I thought that was really cute.

To Frank and Vivian, I am thankful that we had this opportunity to meet and work together. It was an honor to be with you and cover your special day. Thank you Vivian for being so patient as you struggled to walk around the Palace in your high heels which I know you're not used to. You were very sweet and pleasant the whole time and you looked radiant in all your photos.

Here's to a life of childlike love, trusting innocence and lots of giggles!



Their storybook photo slideshow may be viewed here and the complete photo set here.

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