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Top 10 Cool Ideas for Your Something Blue

Remember back in the day when you go to the store to get some milk and you go to the dairy section, grab a bottle and that's it? Now check out your local grocery and there's whole, 2%, 1%, low fat, fat free, organic, lactose free and so on.

There's an explosion of choices out there for the simplest things. Which, after you get over the confusion, can work to our advantage.

Weddings can offer a whole lot of opportunities for variety. There are endless styles for dresses, dozens of flavors for the cake, an array of flowers for the decor and bouquet and a rainbow of colors to choose from for the color scheme. I always love seeing each bride's personal twist on things, particularly on their "something blue."

Today, let's get creative and explore how we can rock this tradition.

1. Shoes or shoe clips

One of my favorite images (like, ever) is a photo of Danyelle's (my bride who made and sported these) custom Chucks in glittered blue with the words "I do."

Others have sported electric blue heels like Kristen.

If you find that you're more inclined to stick with the traditional white pumps, you can get blue shoe clips such as the one below (there a bunch of options online).

2. Jewelry

Do you have any idea how beautiful blue bling is? Whether it's a dainty pair of aquamarine earrings or a fierce ombre saphire necklace, it gives you that cool, rich and clean vibe.

3. Head piece or hair pin

Next is jewelry is what we consider jewelry for your hair. The more adventurous and stylish bride might opt for a navy birdcage veil. For the more conservative ones, blue hair comb or headbands work great for that simple and elegant touch.

4. Polish

This is an easy one and though we're just talking about one color, there are about a bajillion shades available for them. My favorites are light blue mixed with gold, Essies's Lapiz of Luxury and Revlon's Urban.

5. Garter

Garters are another tradition that we need to re-energize. It's fun and obviously sexy. I'm glad to see several creative versions of them on Etsy and Pinterest.

6. Bridal sash

Brides have surprised me with how beautiful bridal sashes can be. It gives your dress (esp. if it has a simple cut) that extra oomph.

7. Clutch

You'll need a few things throughout your wedding day -- a compact mirror with powder, lipstick/lipgloss, tissue, etc. Carry them in style with these gorgeous clutch options.

8. Dress lining

I know it might be quite pushing it to sport a blue dress but you can have a fun blue lining sewn undeneath it like these.

9. Lingerie

Though aside from you, only your hubby will get to see this, it's totally worth it. Remember, all of this boils down to the two of you. Make sure he gets a good look at it before he rips it off.

10. Flowers or bouquet bow

Incorporate some blue flowers in your bouquet or simply tie it with a fun blue ribbon.

What have you done for your "something blue?"

I'd love to hear/see photos of it!

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