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The Love of Food + Photography

I may or may not be as in love with food as I am with sometimes, I combine the two.

No, I do not eat my photos. Instead, I take photos of my food. If you visit my personal IG account, you'll see my feed sprinkled with food photos along with plants (another love of mine) and travel adventures with the hubby.


The ultimate glue that binds us all together. From the excitement of the hunt for ingredients, the anticipation as you wait (and smell) all the flavors coming together and the finale of enjoying (or devouring) them over beautiful conversations with friends and family.

I get extra excited when I get booked to do food photography by restaurants and food establishments. The last one was a sushi burrito joint. It's awesome to see the creativity of both business owners and chefs in how they present their food. I love crazy ideas and when I saw what they were up to...making giant sushi wraps as large as burritos...I'm like, why didn't anyone think of this sooner?! I love sushi and it's an awesome option to have one large one held with just one hand to keep biting into than using chopsticks to catch those wittle round suckers.

I also get to play with different creative angles that typically do not work very well with human subjects. There's just a bunch of colors that make the image come alive shooting food. And my constant goal is to make the viewer's mouth water. If I accomplish that, I've done my job.

So to all y'all folks who like to take photos before eating your food...ya'll are my people. I'd love to see what you're currently grubbing on. Share them with me at @margemaghoney :) Ciao!



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