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Road Trip Part Deux

August was a fun month with our impromptu cross country road trip.

And August, being my birthday month, had to have some extra icing on the cake.

Less than 2 weeks after we arrived, we were on the road again. This time, there were three of us. My dad flew in from Manila for my birthday. Sweet. Perks of being not only a solo child but an unica hija at that.

This is a legit roadtrip but after that long haul to the east, this was a mini roadtrip (our final destination was just our first stop on the first round).

It was exciting since my dad was with us and we're hitting the Grand Canyon which I've never been to, the Hoover Dam, stay at a sweet hotel and try our luck in Vegas and hit LA for some Price is Right and visit my close friend Cindy.

It was a blast and by far the best birthday I've had. Take a peek.

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