I've turned into my mom. I used to be able to work in my jammies, pillow marks on my face, my hair a mess (you're welcome for that mental picture) since I mostly work at home.

Lately, after I wake up and before I even check my email I routinely put on make-up (eyeshadow, batwing lashes, the works), curl or at least blow dry my hair and even pick out my outfit.

Now, I'm not as bad as my mom who took hours but when I think of it, she only did this when she's leaving the house, where there's actual people who's going to see her.

Hey, at least my husband appreciates coming home to his lady all dolled up and not all bummy looking.


All of us has someone who drives us crazy. Unfortunately, they're usually people close to us.

Years ago, there were two people who annoyed the shit out of me. Looking back I seem to have attracted a situation where I'd be as far away from them as possible, which, during that time, I wouldn't have thought possible.

Looking back, I realize I should've appreciated them more than I did and now I would give anything to spend some time with them, give them a tight ass hug and tell them how much I love them.

Now, their shoes have been filled by someone else. I want to shake this off. I don't want to again attract a situation I'd regret later on.


I dream of buying a huge piece of land for my father and have him plant whatever he wants and landscape it to his heart's content.

I dream of living by the water in a house that my husband built from the ground up.

I dream of having a son, whose combined ability to lead a care free life that he got from his father and a strong sense of passion and intuition from (ahem) his mom would make a dent in this world.

I dream of singing the Star Spangled Banner back-to-back the Lupang Hinirang at a Pacquiao fight. Then the camera panning to my proud tearful husband.

I dream of opening a Filipino restaurant in the Bay which I will name Salud (after my grandma).

I dream of biting into a juicy crispy Chickenjoy after having said that (drooling).


I have unquestionable confidence when it comes to work. I have no doubt I'd produce excellent results with every project I work on.

Sometimes though I wish I had that same confidence when it came to my personal life.


Sometimes I wonder if I'm just incredibly patient or just painfully stupid.


I dream of traveling the world covering weddings in Hawaii, tea parties in London, birthdays in Spain, anniversaries in the Maldives, reunions in Palawan (hint to the Universe...).


I remember countless stories from my mother-in-law about dad's pre-stroke behavior. And every story would end with "That's when your vows come in..."

I admire her for the strong lady that she is. For being the rock of my husband's family.

I admire all women (and men for that matter) who genuinely live their vows and stick with their mate for better or for worse.


Can someone explain to me how a woman can get away with cheating on her husband, running off with another man, work, AND get full child support for all three of her children?

I don't know if it's just me but I think that's fucking crazy.


Time and time again the Universe would send me messages through books. Like I'd find the exact same message in a book I just finished then the next and so forth.

Sounds psycho?

Shut the fuck up.

I just finished Shakti Gawain's "Developing Intuition" and currently reading Gary Vaynerchuk's "Crush It". That guy is awesome though I'd rather read his book than watch him on Wine Library TV. Too much.

In the line up are Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, Timothy Ferris' "The 4-Hour Work Week" and Nicole Krauss' "Great House."


I love Crocs. Not the bulky ones but their line of flats. They're the lightest thing in the world and they're comfy as hell. I even wear them to work and could walk in them for hours.

I'm glad they've come up with more fashionable ones like the leopard Kadee or the Marnie Holiday Sparkle line.

Only problem? They make my feet sweat.

Did you just make a face?

Fuck you.

My feet smell better than your Momma's ham and cheddar quiche.

Anybody else out there having the same problem? Any suggestion for a fix? Or maybe a tip on another brand that's just as comfy minus the sweat?


My recent addictions:

- unique extra wide stretch bangles

- vintage bib chokers

- sparkly nail polish

- sequined tops

- Artscow photo bags

- giving photo canvases as gifts

- revamping my website

- Maybelline's Dream Mouse Shadows and Blush


Went for an hour and a half walk at Lake Chabot. It's been a while.

The only thought that kept me going was having some KFC hot wings on the way home. I was literally thinking about them in between other mundane thoughts on the way to the bridge and back.

We did get some and the bones were left clean as hell.

I told Johnny about this when we got home, feeling like it was such a fatso thing to say.

He said "I was thinking of some crispy chicken sandwich from Jack-in-the-Box."

I felt better.


I covered 66 events last year.

My goal this year is 120.


I dream of driving from coast to coast this year. A solo road trip from the Bay to NY.

On second thought, having Johnny might make it funner.


I lovelovelove House of Harlow's gold and black/khaki leather neck pieces.

Now I just found a red and silver version.

Totally gooooorge!


This has been an awfully long and pointless post.

I may or may not write about weeks 12 to 13 of Project 101 tomorrow.

Though I just might if I get bribed with a couple of Chickenjoys.

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