I've been up since 2:00 this morning, thanks to swollen gums that hurt like a mother.

I've had oral surgery a couple weeks ago and despite my dentist and oral surgeon denying that this inflammtion has nothing to do with the extraction, I find it hard to dismiss it as simple coincidence.

I was given an antibiotic mouth rinse but the swelling significantly gets worse each day. So I'm like, WTF. Been oil pulling followed with a salt water rinse but yet to see any improvement.

Thinking of my happy place only lasts for so long and I was hoping working would take my mind away from it and writing this would eventually develop into a well meaning post about things you can do to get rid of pain.

But it ain't goin' nowhere.

It really just boils down to getting to the root of the problem and until you fix it, it's a matter of numbing yourself or distracting your mind. In other words, if there's no immediate solution to make it go away, you simply have to go through it. Taking comfort solely on the fact that at some point, it will be over with.

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