I wake up hearing a creepy sound like background music from The Twilight Zone. I look up and see a small portion of the ceiling lit up. It's from my phone. I grab it and hit snooze. This gives me ten more minutes. I go back to sleep.

I hear the familiar sound and pick up my phone. It's 4:50 am. I turn it off. I struggle to get up wanting to sleep some more. It's getting cooler and this just makes me want to cuddle with my husband under our warm, worn comforter even longer. I go back to bed. A couple more minutes, I get up. I look for my slippers in the dark. I find them. I go to the bathroom and pee for the longest time. I wash my hands.

I walk to the kitchen and make a pot of coffee. I take out 2 cups, a teaspoon and place them beside the pot. I go back to the room. The light's not on. Johnny's still in bed. I walk towards the corner where I leave his green thermos and lunch box and take them to the kitchen table. Coffee's still not done. I check the fridge. No leftovers from last night. I tear out 2 paper towels and place them on the counter. I open the bottom drawer and get 2 Ziplock sandwich bags. I place them by the paper towels. I walk to the shelf by the fridge and grab a bag of bread. I take out 4 slices, return the bag, and place them on the paper towels.

Ok, what sandwich do I make today? Baloney & cheese? Tuna? Egg salad? PB&J? Baloney & cheese. He hasn't had that in 4 days. I walk to the fridge, take out the mayo, mustard, relish, baloney and 2 slices of cheese. I walk to the counter and place them all to the side. I check the pot. Coffee's done. I fill the 2 cups leaving enough space for the creamer. I walk to the fridge and take out the familiar blue plastic bottle of CoffeeMate Fat Free French Vanilla. I pour a generous amount on both cups and stir them. I return the blue bottle and take one cup to the bedroom.

I open the door and turn on the lights. He moves. He smells the coffee and gets up.

"Good morning, mahal" as I hand him his cup.

He sleepily mumbles "Good morning" as he reaches for the cup.

He takes a sip.

"Thank you."

I lean over and give him a kiss.

"You're welcome."

I walk out of the room and go back to the kitchen. I return to the counter and start spreading mayo on 2 slices of bread. Just a thin layer of mayo. I do the same for the mustard and relish but on the other 2 slices. I open the yellow topped container and take out 2 slices of baloney and place them on top of the mustard and relish covered bread. I peel the plastic off of the 2 slices of cheese and place them on top of the other 2 slices. I make 2 sandwiches out of these. I wrap them up in the paper towel, slide each of them into the Ziplock bags and seal them.

I hear the bathroom door open. He's up. I take both sandwiches to the kitchen table and place them by the green lunch box. I reach up for a black marker in the glass container on top of the cabinet to my left. I sit down and start to write a short note on each of the bags.

I write the first one in Tagalog. He wants to learn the language. "Mahal kita." I set that bag down. I write on the second sandwich bag in Taglish (Tagalog mixed with English). "Tawagan mo ko on your break." If he understands it, he'll call me on break.

I return the marker in the glass container and place both sandwiches in the right compartment of the cooler. I make sure his bag of toothpicks are beside it. I hear the bathroom door again. I take out 2 cold bottles of water from the fridge and place them in the left compartment. I open the freezer and take out a gel ice pack and place them on top of the 2 bottles. I get the box cover and place it on top of the cooler and pulled the handle towards me, closing it.

I walk to the counter and take a sip of my coffee. I bend down to open the cabinet below and take out a sauce pan. I take it to the sink, turn on the faucet and fill it halfway with water. I walk to the stove and set it on top. I turn it on on high.

I go back to the bedroom. My husband gives me a hug and starts talking about having the weirdest dream but he can't remember it. He proceeds by explaining how talking about it as soon as you wake up helps you remember. If you don't, you simply forget. I agree.

"It wasn't a bad dream like a nightmare though. It was just...weird."

I told him I had weird dreams too last night. Like short stories stringed together. I forgot most of it but I remembered the very last part. I was reading something online with a link to a blog that belonged to the most popular girl when I was in high school. I remember feeling surprised discovering that she had one. We talk for a few more minutes. In the middle of our conversation I remembered I had a dream book in storage.

It's 5:10 am. He walks to the shower and I go back to the kitchen. The water is starting to boil. I take out the egg container from the fridge and bring it to the counter. I drop 6 eggs into the sauce pan one at a time. I return the container to the fridge and go back to the room.

I start making the bed and spritz a green tea spray on each layer. The room smells better. I love green tea. I finish making the bed and walk to the closet. I take out a pair of faded black Carhartts, a green shirt and a pair of dark gray Hanes boxers. I place them neatly on the bed. I walk to my right and reach up for a pair of white socks, unroll them and place them by his pants. I take out his belt from yesterday's pants and place them on the bed. I grab his boots and place them by the foot of the bed.

I go back to the kitchen and walk to the stove. I adjusted the heat to medium and walk to the bathroom. The eggs should be done in 10 minutes.

Johnny's in the shower. I pull the shower curtain a little to the right and grab the white bath lily. I go to the other side of the shower and reached for the soap. I rub them together.

"Assume the position."

John stands with his back facing me and I gently scrub his back.

"Ok," I said when I finished his back and rinsed the bath lily in the sink. I reopen the shower curtains and return the bath lily.

I go out of the bathroom and go back to the kitchen. I take a sip of coffee. It's not so warm now. I turn off the stove and take the pan to the sink. I turn on the faucet and let cold water run on the eggs. I start peeling them and set aside 2 which I place in another Ziplock bag. The warmth of the eggs clouds the bag. I walk to the table, take the lid off of the lunch box and place the eggs to the right by the sandwiches. I reach for a small plastic container to my right and take it to the counter. I grab the salt shaker and shake it a few times into the container. I close it. I walk back to the table and place it in the lunch box in between the 2 bottles. I close it. I reach for the green thermos and pour creamer then coffee in it. I seal it.

I walk back to the room and he's dressed. We both make sure he's got everything: keys, wallet, badge. Something's missing and he walks to the side of the bed and removes his phone from the charger. We both walk out of the room and he walks to the front door while I walk to the kitchen.

I grab the green thermos and lunch box and walk to the front door. It's chilly. I hand him the box and the thermos.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

He gives me good hug that lasts for a few seconds.

"I love you. You have a good day."

Still hugging him I say "I love you too. You too."

He walks to his car and I go back to the bedroom. I turn on some soothing music and sit on the black office chair. I close my eyes and start to meditate.

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