Upon reading Michele's first email, I undoubtedly got excited to meet this couple. They struck me as unconventional and "different" alwayspiques my interest. What got my attention was the dress Michele was planning on wearing. It was red. Me likey. Bold. In contrast with the City Hall's huge beige walls and complemented by the building's gold railings and main doors. I was definitely looking forward to this one.

They were the second couple I was shooting during the day and I was pleased to have two very different couples to work with. I had just finished Frank and Vivian's wedding and post wedding pictorial. They were a subdued couple more on the conservative side and let's just say subdued would not be the best word to describe my next bride in red. =)

Leaving the Palace of Fine Arts, I hurry back to where I came from and make it to Civic Center with just a few minutes to spare for a quick bite. Thank goodness for the hotdog stand outside the City Hall. I down a polish and a Coke in about 5 minutes and make my way back to the building.

I walk to Room 168 while on the phone with Michele. As I turn the corner, I was happy to see her in her red dress. The style was simple which was perfect since the color made up for it. I met Joseph who was also just finishing up his late lunch and off we went to the familiar beautiful spots within the building.

Michele was striking. Her beautiful bouquet of red roses completed the ensemble and her gold floral beaded hair accessory was the icing on the cake. Beautiful! We were joined by a few guests and again I witnessed the second beautiful ceremony of the day.

I used to process some photos making everything black and white except for one detail -- a person, a dress, a bouquet... But reviewing the set, there was no need for it as Michele splendidly stood out in all the images. Frank was her best companion, quietly complementing his lovely bride.

To Michele and Joseph, I thoroughly enjoyed being present on your special day and I thank you for choosing me to document it. You are a unique couple and I love how you're so comfortable with each other, as if you've already been married for years. =)

Here's to a life of unique surprises, comfort and bliss!



Their storybook photo slideshow may be viewed here and the complete photo set here.

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