A producer from a local network recently contacted me inquiring about interesting and touching stories among the San Francisco weddings I cover. Initially, I thought that was a tough one. I've covered quite a few and they're all special in different ways. My couples have ranged in age, first loves and second chances, cultures, sexual orientation, local and foreign. I've listened to their love stories that never fail to remind me why I love doing what I do and somehow be a part of that story.

I did a quick mental recap and one in particular stood out, Meg and Jeremy.

They were a young and adventurous couple who had recently relocated in San Francisco when they got married. Originally from out of state, they went on vacation in SF, fell in love with the place and went home just to start planning their move out here. Pretty ballsy. But who can blame them? The City just has a certain energy and life that hits you as soon as you cross the bridge or come out of the train stations. An exciting vibe that automatically stretches your lips into a smile as you walk its streets, among its people.

I met Meg and Jeremy on June 1st of 2012. They were among a handful of friends and family for an intimate San Francisco City Hall wedding. During the ceremony, I noticed some of the guests were crying. Happy tears of course, but they seemed to be crying for something else. I didn't think much of it.

I rode with them in the limo they had rented going to Sausalito where they were going to have an equally intimate reception. During the ride I noticed Jeremy seemed a bit more tired than the rest. Maybe he had a rough morning, I thought, but he always lit up each time Meg would catch his eyes or hold his hands. They were such a sweet couple, so in love you could feel it.

The coverage ended but I kept in touch with them through Facebook as I do with the rest of my other clients. Through Meg's posts, I later learned Jeremy had cancer. They found out about it not long before the wedding. I followed their journey through Meg's blog, where she documented their struggles and gratitude for the overwhelming support they've been showered.

On June 21st of last year, just 2 years and 3 weeks after their wedding, Jeremy had passed. I remember seeing it on my newsfeed and started crying. I had always remembered them as a joyful couple, full of hopes and dreams, just practically starting out. To see that cut short just tore my heart. Meg's been a soldier through it all and has been blessed with love and support from friends and family, even strangers.

I had reached out to her to ask for permission to share her story and have the producer get in touch with her. I wasn't surprised when she graciously gave it as I felt she wanted to spread the word and help others who are still going through what she and Jeremy did.

I personally have not experienced anything remotely close to what she had but her story has taught me to appreciate and make the most out of each second I have with the people I love. To make each moment count. To be thankful, at least for the time being, for the luxury of knowing they'll be around today, tomorrow and the next. To never give up. To always hold on to hope. To be stronger than what I'm used to. And to love until the end.

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