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Man vs. Food, Gary V. & A Free Photo Bag

My husband walks in the door all smiling telling me he (and his brother and their friend) just did Man vs. Food at this hamburger place by Jackson.

He enthusiastically goes on to describe the huge cheeseburger he devoured and how he pumped himself up much like Adam Richman on the Travel Channel.

We love Man vs. Food. And Wipe Out. And World's Dumbest.

He loves loves loooves his History channel which personally bores me to death. Not all the time though. I can get into those crazy ass alien documentaries if not for his constant pop up quizzes.

When you hear the words "Did you know?..." you know you're in for a twenty minute history lesson. And he needs your full attention.

I love him though. He's such a character.

He walked in as I was in the middle of reading Gary V.'s Crush It.

Mention this name in the Philippines and only one person will come to mind. Gary V., the hugely popular singer-songwriter in the 90's.

I'm not talking about him though. I'm referring to Gary Vaynerchuk. And his first book.

Everyone should get a hold of this book. Everyone. Whether you're running your own business or employed, even happily employed.

Basically, it talks about how we could (and should) all live our passion by making the most of social media. I know it sounds all too familiar but the way he talks about it makes it all sound so very doable. Reading his words is like talking to somebody you know. He's straight up, cusses here there, just like somebody you know.

I'm glad I first got a hold of the book before seeing any of his video blogs on Wine Library TV. Had it been the other way around, I would've immediately dismissed him as an asshole.

He's just out there. This guy is insane! And I mean that in a good way.

He doesn't actually create anything but knows how to use the shit out of the tools available to all of us out there. In his own way, he's kind of a visionary.

I could quote phrase after phrase after phrase but it all boils down to the last paragraph:

"...true success -- financial, personal, and professional -- lies above all in loving your family, working hard, and living your passion. In telling your story. In authenticity, hustle, and patience. In caring about the big and the small stuff. In valuing legacy over currency."

Get a hold of this book. Now.


* Sparkles *

Nails of the week: Purple and blue sparkles over metallic blue polish =)


I love my new photo bag from ArtsCow. Used photos from two of my best sets last year. Here's one side with Jacquelyn & Dale and other side (below) with Cherri & Luis.

It's about 16 x 10 inches. Not as roomy as I expected but this lady ain't complainin' cause I got it for zero dinerooo.Yay-yerz! Paid for shipping for $14.99 but I still I think it's a steal considering it came all the way from Hong Kong andthe bag regularly costs $24.99. Saved me some moolah.

Do you know of any deals for photo gifts? Let me know. Email me at or send me a message via Twitter @margemaghoney.

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