Life lesson of the day:

Sometimes, not only is it healthy, but essential, for one not to give a fuck.

Don't compare.

Do not care.

Other people's opinions are just that -- opinions.

Opinions are assumptions, impressions, a notion, a postulation.

They are in no way a reflection of who you are. Nor do they mirror the truth.

On the contrary, they are more of a reflection of the person having that opinion. It shows how he/she views the world, how he/she perceives you, how he/she sees the glass as half empty or half full.

So don't let other people's opinions rule your world, dictate your actions, affect your decisions.

You know whose voice you should listen to?



Want to see a trippy movie? Watch "Another Earth" (it's on OnDemand under Spirit Award Noms).

It's not an environmental documentary (I've had enough of Johnny's History Channel and Animal Planet -- love you Mahal :*).

We discover another planet that is so much like Earth. As the movie progresses, we learn that not only do the similarities end with the continent formations down to the cities but extends to its inhabitant, meaning, there's another you on Earth 2.

Holy shit!

That's just a taste test. The storyline and the life of the main character gets even crazier I don't want to give more away.

But can you imagine that? Seeing another version of you who've had the same experiences, made the same decisions, made the same mistakes? You think you'd get along? You think you'd slap her back to reality?

After the movie John asked me what would I say to me when I see me #2?

"Are you happy?" I said.

And in my mind I imagined her smiling back at me saying "I'm working on it."

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