I've worked with my share of couples throughout the years and I've never had both bride and groom have the same name. Until Laurie & laurie came along. I took it as a sign to get back to my writing. I've been busy focusing on my other baby, Happee Body, my photography is getting jealous.

For the sake of avoiding confusion, I'll refer to my groom by his full name, Lawrence.

Laurie, my bride, reached out to me last year from Florida. They were planning on 2 weddings -- one over there, mostly amongst friends, and another here in the bay for family (and more friends).

Laurie is a yoga instructor who I thought perfectly fit the bill soon after I met her. There's something very soothing and comforting about her voice. It was deep and steady. Her demeanor confident and in control. Had she lived here, I can see myself in one of her classes.

Her mom and most of her immediate family are from here, literally, in Hayward and would be having her Westcoast wedding at our local Japanese Garden. Aside from the home court advantage, there's something special about working with and getting to know people from my town and the garden was the icing on the cake. It's one of my favorite spots in Hayward. It's serene and usually deserted and your world just changes right after you enter its wooden gates.

Due to the distance, I initially met with her mom, Donna, a sweet lady who very much reminded me of my mother-in-law. We worked on the initial details of the coverage while Laurie and I kept in touch by email.

On May 17, 2015, I met Laurie & Laurie and the rest of the crew. They set up a purple themed space in a secluded part of the garden. It was a treat covering this wedding graced with the loving help of friends and family. Super cute babies were all over and not one made a commotion during the ceremony which was simple and intimate, made even more special surrounded by the beautiful greenery.

Lawrence was a very proactive groom, being the first to arrive to make sure things were set up right. He was cool as cucumber, a perfect match for Laurie, I thought.

They're an adventurous couple who are inspiring me and John to go on a road trip after seeing a cool video of theirs around the country.

To Laurie & Laurie, I am thankful that our paths have crossed despite us being in opposite coasts. Your fierce spirit and sense of adventure serves as an inspiration for living life with no hesitation.



You can view how the day went here.

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