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How to Take Advantage of the LOVE WINS Promo

On June 27, 2015, same-sex marriage rights in trailblazing California has been extended to all and to celebrate this historic change, I have released the above promo for all (you don't have to be gay to get the discount).

Now, I've received several questions online, on social media, on how to move forward. A lot of you have been waiting to tie the knot, some for several years and more than a few, almost your entire adult life. You are itching to do this and naturally want to have a proper visual documentation of your special day but weddings, even small ones, aren't cheap. My humble gift to you is to take off $100 off your tab and this applies even to a short 2-hour coverage.

So let's get started.

Most of you will take advantage of the elegant intimacy as well as the convenience of a San Francisco City Hall Wedding. First, do a quick read on Your Ultimate Guide To Rockin' Your San Francisco City Hall Wedding. This will eliminate most of your basic questions and keep you on track.

Next, send me your information by email or via the contact form to make sure I'm available on that day/time. Make sure to include your name, wedding date, time, location (if not the City Hall), email address and contact number. You will promptly receive an email from me followed by a Paypal payment request for the discounted amount if I'm available. (You can also book the date directly on the website under the regular rates and I'll send you a refund for $100).

After sending the payment, do the happy dance. I'll do the robot, pencil us in for the date and see you at the City Hall on the day of. Easy peasy ain't it? Can't wait to see you!



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