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How to be a Rockstar Solopreneur

If you're a struggling solopreneur, you'll find a few solid business ideas from AMC's Better Call Saul, the spin-off prequel of Breaking Bad.

While Saul's (or James Morgan "Jimmy" McGill) character may rub off some people the wrong way, you gotta love the dude's entrepreneural and husting spirit. He's a one man enterprise who comes up with creative, out of the box strategies to get his business off the ground. Any entrepreneur can relate with the struggle. I do. And I give him a whole lotta credit for his crazy albeit on the ball execution. As unorthodox as his gimmicks might be, they freakin' work and there's something to be said about his thought process in arriving at each tactic.

Let's explore each one.

1. Go where your people are.

When he decided to explore elder law as his niche, guess where he went? Sandpiper Crossing nursing home. As tacky as it might have been, he shamelessly dove right in and planted himself in the middle of the home swarming with potential clients.

These old peeps may not all be rich but they'll pay anything to protect what they have. Initially just working on their wills, Jimmy (Saul) stumbles upon a piece of information from an elderly client that Sandpiper Crossing is controlling her pension and Social Security, later on leading to a case of fraud and forming grounds for a class action lawsuit.

Though he hit the jackpot early on right there, it may not necessarily be as quick for the rest of us. But there is great value in being able to recognize the specific group of people you want to target and apply a laser like focus on said group.

2. Be creative. Be out of the box.

His face at the bottom of those jello cups was plain genius. Who thinks of that?

I almost immediately started thinking of what my brides love to eat but realize that they actually try not to eat as much since they're trying to slim down for their wedding day. So back to the drawing board.

The idea is to truly get inside your customers' head. What are they thinking? Where do they shop? What do they snack on? Where do they hang out? What activities do they enjoy? Jimmy's peeps loved to play Bingo so of course he's hosting games at the nursing home complete with prizes the elders might like.

3. Be your customer.

In direct connection with number 2. He's insanely in tune with his target market. They're a group of old people who love to watch Matlock so he studies the dude and dresses like him. Brilliant. Subliminal. Stimuli.

He also speaks their language. The pace, the choice of words, the metaphors he uses are just spot on. That's the reason the folks love him. When the staff of both HHM and Davis & Main tried to get more information from the elders, they refused to talk to them and instead asked for Jimmy. Why? Because he speaks their language. Because they like him. And likability almost always trumps everything else when building a relationship with a client and closing a sale. Over. And over.

4. Be a friend.

Despite his questionable motives at times, the goal of helping his clients is never lost. He truly listens to them and gets clear on their cause, however out there they might be.

5. Everybody loves a hero.

That man falling from the billboard ledge was pretty extreme but boy did it work. Why? Aside from the obvious exposure, everybody loves a hero. You make people feel safe. And that feeling will make them want to reach out to you. The publicity stunt may not have given him a normal set of clients but it provided all the ingredients of a well oiled business: people who need your help + your ability to fulfill that need = $$$.

6. Stick with what you feel is right.

Sure he's a crook. But he's also not. Sure he did a Chicago sunroof but it was also on the car of the man his wife cheated on him with. You get what I mean? He hasn't kileld nobody, he doesn't hurt people, he didn't run away with the $1.6 million stolen by the county treasurer and he still passed by Chuck's house to make sure someone's looking after after him, even after discovering his brother's been a total ass to him for many years. Jimmy's got a good heart.

7. Never give up.

I think this is my favorite. 'Cause running your own business sure feels like a rollercoaster.


And over.

And over.

And you have to stick to your guns. Live in a mess. Live with unpaid bills. All the whilebelieving that there's a silver lining to all this. That there is indeed some value in what you do. That it's worth the slow seasons. Knowing that what you create counts. That it matters. That it touches lives. That it puts a smile on your client's face. And it is what you were ultimately meant to do.

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