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Here's to Husbands, Mentors & Thrill Rides

I used to have a knack for writing. I was witty, I was original and I was able to capture what I wanted to say in a few words. Back in high school (or was it elementary?), before graduating, almost all my girl friends (I belonged to a big group; the photo on the left just shows about half of us) and even those I wasn't even close to asked me to write something about them for the year book. I followed through and did not say no to anybody. I remember feeling good about myself being asked by people I knew and barely knew to write something about them especially on the year book (which was a big deal). It meant having confidence in me, it meant they trusted that I would do a good job. And I think I did.

In college, things changed. I barely wrote anything (all throughout elementary and high school I would exchange letters with my girl friends even when we see each other everyday). I had my first relationship. I was naive. His ideas became mine. I absorbed them like a sponge. It lasted for about a third of my adult life. I'm glad, very thankful, that that part is over. It's part of the reason why I think I lost my interest in writing. I was confused which ideas were mine. I'd write but I'd feel no connection with what I have written.

Then in September of 2008 I came across someone who I felt accepted me for who I am from the very first time we met. His name is John. It was weird. As cheesy as it may sound, here was a man whom I've never met before but seemed like he's been waiting for me for a long time. Looking back, I realize that the feeling was mutual. In the following weeks, months, years, I saw someone who loved things about me that I've always been insecure about, valued my opinions, taught me how to live in the moment (we'd see a place on TV or on a magazine, talk about how nice it would be to be there and a few minutes later we're on our way to Tahoe or Yosemite or Vegas), took me on the Big Shot ride in Vegas with the last of his money because he remembered me mentioning a few months ago that it was my dream to go on it, drove with non-stop words of encouragement when I was nervous on our way to my first wedding gig, alwaysbelieved in me and encouraged me to be the best that I can be. We got married on a clear winter morning in San Francisco 3 days after the Giants first won the World Series.

Totally went out of topic there. Going back, I had a blog before when I was still in the Philippines (I'll write a little history about me later on). Unoriginal. Pretentious. I was trying hard to sound like someone else, and as such, it was generally boring. They say, and I believe, writing is a form of therapy. And I did not feel any release or any connection with what I wrote.

This, though, is quite different. If not for the reader, for me. Just writing the few short paragraphs above is already starting to make me feel...good.

For a few months now, I've been debating whether or not to start and include a personal blog on my businesswebsite. I've never gotten around to it until this morning. The main reason I think is that now, I am ready. Things have fallen into place (as they always do) that have led me here, sitting in front of my laptop, writing. Within a period of a couple of weeks, I have encountered and re-encountered a few amaaazing authors and teachers whose words have inspired me and gave me a renewed enthusiasm in both my personal and work life.

Here, I would like to express thanks. I have not personally met these people (yet) but I would like to address them by their first names since I feel they have been my mentors and have been a significant part of this unexpected beautiful journey that is my life. Their inspiring teachings have held my hand as I grew into the person I am today and the person I will be in the years to come.

Thank you Shakti (Gawain) for your beautiful and very effective techniques in meditation. The first time I tried two of them at the same time while I was laying beside my sleeping husband, I was overwhelmed with such good energy and overflowing with peace and calm the tears (good happy ones) would not stop flowing from my eyes. I held my husband hoping some of it would flow through him even when he was in dreamland. I think it did. It took me to such a happy and joyful place. A place where everything was well and good and satisfying. Maraming salamat.

Thank you Seth (Godin) for teaching me when and how to stick it out. When I was first browsing your work I felt you were too smart for me. But I kept reading and more than a few of your ideas have helped me improve the dynamics of my work. I have been in a few professions andstart ups and now I feel I have finally found the one. My true passion that I am enormously thankful that I am making a living out of. For the past 8 years or so, I have initially been doing things I enjoy that has developed into some form of income. I am thankful for all the good people I have worked with who have allowed me to be part of their lives doing what I enjoy.

Thank you Mike (Dooley) for being a constant reminder that dreams always do come true. I have encountered your inspiring words at different times of my life and looking back, they have never rung more true. Thank you for the daily messages (from that almost always brings a smile to my face and sets the day to a good start. I hope to meet you soon. Congratulations on your recent marriage!

This blog is going to be about me. The experiences I have, questions I'm trying to answer, tips, tricks and trivias I would like to share, projects I'm excited about, ideas I want to fulfill, interesting people I meet, places I visit, deals I get, bargains I purchased, relationship advice (more of asking for it), music I'm currently listening to, movies I've seen, books I'm reading, what I'm making for dinner, the food place I want to try out and more.

It is 8:30 in the morning right now in the bay. I am looking outside our bedroom window and see that the sun is up shining on the flowers on the cactus tree. The air is cool and crisp. It is going to be a beautiful day.

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