Ok so here I am writing over a month after the last one. Whatever right? I've a crapload of excuses I can pull off my ass but thing is, I've been lazy, I mean busy.

Mother's Day has come and gone. Do you have any idea how much it costs to send a decent bouquet all the way to the Philippines? Fifty freakin dollars! Sorry ma, you know I'd spend more on you but dang! And I'm not even talking about an elaborate arrangement of exotic flowers. Got my mom-in-law a bouquet of white tulips, stargazers and hot pink stock (real nice and expensive looking) at the last minute at Safeway for a little over twenty bucks. What the hell is going on here?!

Ok, just had to get that out my chest.

So, after a month of blogging hiatus you'd think I'd start banging away at the keyboard cramming stories about the weddings and engagement sessions I've covered recently but noooooooo. I rant about stupid nonsense.


You guessed right.

It's that time of the month and the hormones are acting the fuck up.

AND I woke up yesterday morning with a horrible stiff neck so bad I can't do much with my arms without looking like a helpless t-rex.


It is what it is.

But since every post looks better with a photo, here's one that actually makes me smile, as psycho as I'm feeling right now. This cute little stud muffin was part of Rachel and Rob's bridal party which I'll blog about soon.

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