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Christmas in October

I thought of a way to randomize things I'll write about. 

I have a lot of ideas going in my head every minute and I love making lists. I have personal to do lists, grocery lists, pricing evolution lists, project lists, possible music for slideshow lists, editing lists, food places to visit lists and so on. Among these lists is a blog list, where I randomly add to when I think of something I would like to write about. From this list, currently, are 47 topics. 

So one morning last week, I wrote the numbers on a piece of paper, cut them up and placed them in a metal candle sleeve


I lovelovelove candles and candle holders. This is one of my favorite finds. Bath and Body Works has some of the loveliest smelling candles and they're creative designs for sleeves are just adorable! Check out their holiday collection here.

Back to subject...

When I'm having a hard time choosing what to write about, I'll stick my hand in this beautiful metal container and voila! No more wasting time deciding what to talk about. I did it for the first time a few minutes ago and got # 10. Checking my little notebook for the blog list and scrolling down to # 10, it read "Xmas wish list (top ten)." Woohoo! Christmas in October!

So here it goes:

1. A new camera. That wasn't a surprise, I know. It's time for an upgrade. It really is. If I want to move forward, I need better gear. For so long I have held onto my camera for sentimental, oh, who am I kidding?, financial reasons. I have two, my main camera and a back-up. I need to upgrade the main one and probably use both of these for the fun booths. I know I'll still stick with Canon. I've used it for years and I'm comfortable with it. I want a 5D Mark II but not sure if I could afford it come Christmas time. But why am I asking if I can afford it? Aren't wish lists also called gift lists? (sheepish smile)

2. New lenses. I want a 28-300mm telephoto, a 16-35 mm ultra wide and an 8-15mm fisheye ultra wide.

3. This black quilted leather jacket from Express.

4. A bottle of Escada's Taj Sunset.

5. These red and gray backdrops.

6. A white Fuji Instax with loads of mini instax films. Fuji? Film? Why? I have an idea I'm excited about. I'll write about it after I've tried it out. And after I get the camera.

7. Anthropologie's brown resurfaced boots.

8. A zebra print DSLR camera bag to match my laptop case. 

9. I know I'm dreaming here but that's what's nice when you blog aboutyour wish list. I would loooooovvve to own a white 2012 Beetle. It was papa's first car (the 70's edition) and I've always wanted one for myself.

10. And last, but not least, I would like to have a Pomeranian puppy. Look at that photo and tell me how could this not be on anyone's list?

I would like to end this post with a message from Mike Dooley c/o I receive their daily messages and it always puts me in a good place as I start my day.

"Consistent effort, no matter how small, sparks magic, fills sails, butters bread, turns tides, instills faith, summons friends, improves health, burns calories, creates abundance, yields clarity, builds courage, spins planets, and rewrites destinies.

No matter how small."

- Mike Dooley

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