Soon as I saw Cherri and Luis turn around the corner to Room 168, I just thought I'm having such nice luck with beautiful couples lately. I've had several flattering comments with Jacquie & Dale's set and I'm excited that I'll have the same with this couple. Not only were they beautiful on the outside but they were nice and down to earth and just laid back off camera.

Not long after I met them, their family soon trickled in, joining us in the photo shoot. They were a nice, warm bunch who seemed to hit it off well considering this was the first time both families met each other. On a few occasions, I'd catch Luis' mom whisper something to Cherri's mom and both would burst out in giggles.

Cherri's short lace dress was elegant with sleeves falling just past her elbows and the length of it effortlessly showcased her long toned stems. I liked the way her hair appeared to be carelessly gathered into a low bun with seductive strands falling to the side of her face. The overall look was clean, classic, mod and romantic all at the same time.

Luis was your typical example of "tall, dark and handsome." Literally. He always stood erect and carried himself well in his suit. He looked like an executive from the financial district only until his eyes fall on Cherri which would make him smile so wide showing his younger years.

There were moments when Cherri reminded me of Jacquie, moments where she projected herself in different ways in a single pose. Always love that. Luis, on the other hand, was just beaming the whole time. Reviewing the photos, he was smiling every time Cherri was near him.

Cherri and Luis were calm and subdued. Their love was quiet but you'll feel their energy every time they were together or even near each other.

They chose to have their ceremony at the rotunda by the huge white and gold christmas tree. Cherri was composed enough to hold back her tears though I could see it in her eyes she was overwhelmed with love and happiness during the ceremony.

Of all the weddings I've done at the City Hall, this kind of reminded me of my own. They hugged and kissed as long as we did after the ceremony and they were the only couple I've worked with so far who, just like us, had a moment by themselves to the side of the rotunda right after the ceremony and after the congratulations have been given, just hugging and savoring what just happened.

To Cherri and Luis, I enjoyed my time with you and your family covering your wedding. You're both beautiful inside and out and I appreciate how warmly you received me. You were amazing to work with and I'm happy with how your photos turned out as I hope you will be.

Here's to a life of happiness, peace and abundance!



Their storybook photo slideshow may be viewed here and the complete photo set here.

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