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Cheap Eats After Your San Francisco City Hall Wedding

You like it quick and easy. You don't take long to make decisions. You hate wasting time on trivial matters and always do things within a snap of a finger. 

But it doesn't mean you settle on quality. You just know what you want and what you'll give for it. That's one of the reasons you decided to get married at the San Francisco City Hall. You realize you can do away with the frills, the big party, the long stressful planning and recognize that what it really boils down to is the two of you.

You've set the appointment. It's around noon. You know you'll want to get a bite right after. A good meal that will satisfy but not break the bank and not too far from the City Hall.

Here are a few suggestions.

Yes, you'll see a lot of tourists. Who cares? San Francisco is one of the most beautiful city in the country if not the most beautiful so you'll run into them almost wherever you go.

Aside from its rooftop location with the most amazing view of Union Square, they offer good food and of course unbelievably rich, mouth watering desserts.

If you're a group, it may take some time to be seated but if it's just the two of you, you can head straight to the bar and the friendliest bartenders will be there to assist you. Service is pretty quick. Easy come, easy go.

You can't go wrong with the Chicken Bellagio, Louisiana Pasta or Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp. Portions are huge you can easily share a dish and leave full.

Want to keep it super casual? The most delicious pizza in the world is just around the corner from Union Square. Huge, fresh and not stingy with the toppings. Get a slice of their pepperoni pizza with a Heini. That'll hit the spot. A slice for less than four bucks a pop seals the deal.

For those who think the only area you can grub is by the entrance, standing among those in line, look to your right. There's a flight of stairs leading to the basement with lots of tables and a restroom. 

You might miss this place so walk west a little slowly on Geary if you're coming from Union Square. The booths aren't that roomy so I suggest the bar where you can just grab whatever you want from the little boats as they float by. Devour some nigiri sushi, wash it down with a bottle of Tsing Tao and see if you're still game for some Dragon Roll. Taste and size aren't comparable to Sapporo's but still satisfying.

Two words. Peking duck. Super yummy. Incredibly cheap. A long strip of restaurants to choose from (the largest chinatown outside of Asia). Take your pick.

The place looks exactly like how you imagined when you heard the name. Classic retro diner. Take your pick between burgers, buffalo wings or crispy fried chicken and down it with a bottle of ice cold Corona.

Expect the bill to be about $40 for the two of you. Servers are very homey and friendly.

This ain't near any of the places I've mentioned so far but it's worth the little trip. Take a cable car if you wish. Stuff yourself with fresh and bountiful calamari, crab and clam chowder to your heart's content. If you skip the fancy restaurants, the sidewalk stands are just as good. Skip the stands though from late afternoon onwards, they're not as fresh. 

If you're geting married on a Friday and want to stick close to the City HallOff the Grid food trucks are right across the building from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Expect a line around noon but it's still worth trying. Your total bill for the two of you with drinks would probably be less than $25. Try The ChairmanSeoul on Wheels or Sam's Chowder Mobile. This will be a newlywed experience you'll fondly look back to.

If you skipped breakfast and find yourself famished before the ceremony or immediately right after, you don't have to leave the building for a quick and delicious bite. Mint Cafe is in the basement. They have salads and sandwiches and a killer steak quesadilla.

A piece of advice? Have some breakfast. You don't to be hangry (hungry + angry) on your wedding day.

If you end up eating at another fabulous place that's both good and cheap, share it with me at I'd love to try it after my next wedding.



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