I decided to scrap my title formula of "Bride's name + Groom's Name = (Adjective) Love." I realized a little too late it was cheesy as hell and I'm running out of adjectives to capture what's really going on.

Moving on to my recent City Hall escapade, I introduce to you Carrie & Ark. I've never met anyone named Ark before and he's as unique as his name. A natural comedian whose comments Carrie seemed to be all too familiar with but didn't fail to crack me up.

This particular couple at first posed as a challenge since Ark was really tall compared to Carrie. My usual command of "Arms around each other's waists" didn't seem to work so we had to adjust the poses I usually relied on.

Which turned out to be a good thing. It turned on my experimental light bulb which led me to try new angles and perspectives. I absolutely loooove the wide shots of them on one side of the building and me on the other. Super dramatic. Especially in black & white.

But enough about me.

Meet Carrie.

We've gone through the usual exchange of emails and spoke once I think a week before their wedding. She was very pleasant and sounded really nice over the phone. She told me they'll be arriving (in style) in a white Hummer limo and I made a mental note to myself to make sure I got a shot of that.

I was pleased to see her in a classic wedding gown. It's been awhile since my last bride who wore one. It was simple, strapless and made with layers of sheer fabric that I thought looked especially nice when it caught sunlight.

Her shoes was a pair of stylish nude low-wedge sandals. Smart choice. Her hair was adorned with a cream flower precariously tucked behind her left ear. Her bouquet was gooorgeous. Elegant, thick, a good mix of blooms and at the center was a locket with a photo of her sister. It was beautiful.

Ark stood tall beside his bride in a classic suit and tie. As formal as he appeared to be, he was very laid back, didn't seem nervous at all. Like he was in a good ol' family trip to the city.

I loved the way he was looking at Carrie all throughout the ceremony. It was plain love, happiness, a look that knew everything's going to be ok.

To Carrie and Ark, thank you thank you thank you for warmly welcoming me into your group even for just a couple of hours. I enjoyed meeting both of you and your friends and family. It was a pleasure being a part of and documenting your special day.

The past ten years was beautiful. Here's to more amazing years ahead!



* Their storybook photo slideshow may be viewed here and the complete B&W photo set here.

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