I was reading Charlie Kingsland-Barrow's Photography Business Secrets and stumbled upon something that has helped me get and keep the creative juices flowing.

The idea is to write 10 ideas per day on any given topic. Sounds easy? Try it for yourself.

It's easy to quickly come up with four or five but you have to get your mind sweating and reach ten.

The practice originally came from James Altucher who promoted the idea of becoming anidea machine. And I've embraced it since reading the book. And guess what? The list just doesn't sit there. I've gone back to it for blog ideas, marketing strategies, how to nurture my relationships, even self improvement projects.

It can be anything under the sun.

Here are a few examples to help you get started:

1. Ten ways to promote your business.

2. Ten blog post ideas.

3. Ten unhealthy foods you need to abstain from.

4. Ten new inventions you'd like to see.

5. Ten new places you'd like to visit this year.

6. Ten recipes you'd like to try.

7. Ten habits to develop to relieve stress.

8. Ten ways to become a more present spouse.

9. Ten ways you can give back to the world.

10. Ten random acts of kindness you can do this month.

Like I said, it can be just about anything. The idea is to push and open up your mind to come up with ten. And every now and then, see what inspires you to action.

Since I started, I've been looking forward to making my list everyday. I find it fun and it's helped me a lot when I find myself in a stump.

Have at it and let me know what you come up with. Email me at marge@maghoney.com.



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