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2015 Epic Roadtrip Part 5

We arrived at Grandpa David's house late afternoon and spent the next 3 days with him and Grandma Yoli. I loved hanging out with them. Old people don't bullshit and give it to you straight up. We laughed and ate and had hours upon hours of good conversation. One thing I wouldn't forget was Grandpa teaching us how to carve. That was super cool.

John took on an immediate project pretty much soon as we arrived. He can't help his inner handyman. He fixed a part of their roof that was hanging and I thought that was very sweet. He constantly does things out of the blue that reminds me how I lucked out with this dude.

It was heart breaking to say goodbye. We couldn't stop crying, not 'til we were miles away from Newark Valley. We love you Grandpa and Grandma.

The day though was just starting. We decided last minute to head towards Niagara. It's been on both our bucket lists and it was kind of on the way so to Buffalo we headed. We were going to see Niagara Falls!

It was the best decision we ever made during this trip. It was absolutely. Breath. Taking. We both felt like we were in a dream, not completely comprehending that there it was, a freakin' giant ass falls gushing right by us. You have to absolutely do Caves of the Winds. That experience absolutely changed us.

It was a carefree, soulful and peaceful trip back home. Even corn fields that stretched for 3 states didn't bother us. We stopped by Indiana, the giant head of Abraham Lincoln in Wyoming, saw about 20 skydivers falling from the sky as we entered Utah, explored historicOgden, walked the Bonneville Salt Flats, danced through the longest stretch in Nevada and capped it off with some Wheel of Fortune in Reno.

This definitely was a life changing, eye opening trip of a lifetime.


Until the next road trip...

This definitely was a life changing, eye opening trip of a lifetime.

Until the next road trip...

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