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2015 Epic Roadtrip Part 4

So we said our goodbyes to the girls and headed for Kentucky Sunday morning.

After our 3-day driving stint to 5 days of hardly any driving, being on the road again for a day was easy peasy. Esp. having no pressure, really, to come back home.

The visit with Kaye in Kentucky was short and sweet. A night of drinks and conversations over rice and adobo (Pinoy meals at its finest) somehow led to entertaining thoughts of visiting John's grandpa in NY.

I've never been and I've heard so many stories about Grandpa David but haven't met him. It was an easy YES. And that is how this road trip beautifully went on to be an exciting unplanned adventure after the next. Love it.

A quick phone call to Grandpa sealed the deal. A shower and a few hours of sleep later, we were on our way to New York. OH. EM. GEE.

It was still dark when we left Kaye's apartment. Grateful for the early start as we easily skipped Cincinnati's morning rush.

We pretty much breezed through Ohio and Pennsylania and passed the New York border late afternoon.

To be continued...

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