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2015 Epic Roadtrip Part 3

Upon reaching Oklahoma, our GPS took us to a long ass back road. Thank goodness it wasn't dark yet. We passed through a ghost town, literally, a whole town where about 95% of the establishments were boarded up and people walked around in zombie-like fashion, looking unwashed for days.

I did a quick check on gas not wanting to need to stop in the area. Had I binged on The Walking Dead before this trip, I would've packed a knife or two had I known we were passing through here. Paranoia. Brings out your inner Michonne.

We made it out alive and was again routed through another back road but we were close. But on road trips like this, close might mean anything from 50 to 100 miles.

We got a good taste of humid in Oklahoma. Reminds me of the Philippines but the air in OK seemed thicker. Endless fields left and right as our surroundings got darker. Lights in the distance signaling some form of civilization.

We got to our hotel as tired as the night before. A couple of sandwiches got us through the night and we looked forward to the breakfast buffet the next morning. When you're roughing it, Fairfields feel so luxurious.

I woke up still dreaming of sausages and scrambled eggs, waffles and coffee. Loved how this particular Fairfield offered salsa and chipotle hot sauce for the eggs. It's the little things that get you.

So we ate up, refilled our coolers by the ice machine and headed for the road. Just 1 more day of driving and by nighttime we'll be in Tennessee.

California to Texas was dry with scenery that was mostly brown. Oklahoma to Nashville was pretty damn lush. Beautiful greenery all the way 'til we hit Opryland.

I'm trying to remember anything from Arkansas but nothing comes to mind. Huh. I remember I took a picture of the sign but nothing else stood out.

The big ass Bass Pro Shop pyramid in Memphis told us we were close. Then again, close meant a couple hundred miles.

2 hours before midnight we were in Nashville entering the breathtaking Gaylord Opryland.

Now I heard the place was big but never expected anything that ginormous.


Upon entering the compound to actually exploring garden after garden INSIDE the hotel. Um, there was a freakin' boat ride and waterfalls (that's plural) in it as well! It was one beautiful jungle. 3 days in and we were still discovering pools and other sections we haven't explored yet. Um-mazing.

We were able to spend a little over 2 days with the girls (why so short is a whole 'nuther story) and every minute of it was worth it. I like seeing John happy.

We explored the hotel, ate, hung out by the different pools, jacuzzi, arcade, the Grand Ole Opry, the mall, went on a boat ride, took lots of photos. Good times. It was short and sweet and a different kind of summertime memory with their Daddy.

Since we had to return them Sunday morning and we really had no strict itinerary going back home, we decided to go further East and visit my bestfriend, Kaye, in Kentucky. Haven't seen her in awhile and it was just a 12-hour drive and so we said what the heck.

to be continued...

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