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2015 Epic Roadtrip Part 2

Day 1 was a good wake up call.

We had an 11-hour drive but boy did we take advantage of those rest stops. To pee, to make sandwiches, to stretch, to make my matcha drink or to simply take a freakin' break.

It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Just talking about it made it seem daunting at first but it really wasn't. Since everything's new, you're busy taking it all in. We had food, music, rest stops, truck drivers to entertain, a comfortable car with a good working AC and each other to blab and make each other laugh when we (figuratively) run of gas and things to say.

You don't even notice it 'til the end of the day. It just hits you and you suddenly have this weird headache. Exhaustion kicks in. It's weird. Almost on cue, as if your body knows you're this close to your destination and says:

"Ok, I took everything I can today. I need to stop. NOW."

On the way home, we cancelled all the hotels we booked and decided to wing it so we have no time pressure to make it the next hotel. Driving past midnight in the middle of nowhereland can be quite creepy esp. of you've seen a hell of a lot of horror movies that involves people on the road (Did I mention Jeepers Creepers is one of my all time favorites?).

So we changed our game plan midtrip and stopped and booked what was available nearby. It definitely removed a whole lotta stress. We even tried to sleep at a rest stop in Nebraska. That lasted only 3 hours. No biggie though. Maybe next time when we're in an RV we'll sleep better. Still a good decision though to wing it. We felt like legit rubber tramps (Yeah, from that movie).

So our first stop was at Flagstaff, AZ. Stayed at a beautiful Tahoe-style Courtyard up in the moutnains where a few Grand Canyon hikers were staying. Feeling like were in an oven from California --> Nevada --> lower Arizona, the cool evening breeze in Flagstaff was a treat in itself.

So to the store we went for a six pack and a rotisserie chicken, an mouth watering treat after just a day of turkey sandwiches and water. That and cool shower, I almost didn't want to part with that super soft and cushy bed early the next morning. Thank goodness John's an early riser and managed to convince me to get up before the sun's up.

We were able to knock out a few hours of driving before it got crazy hot. The rest of Arizona felt like an oven and we'll later find out the same was true in New Mexico and Texas.

Trucks and trains abound all over America, transporting everything you can think of from East to West and vice versa. The country is alive and well.

New Mexico was a trip to pass through. Like driving through a bunch of mini Grand Canyons along Route 66. Tepes, rock formations and casinos left and right, handmade signs for Indian blankets for sale starting at $7 and gets even cheaper as you get closer to Texas.

It's such as trip how the scenery almost instantly changes as you each border. I swear, I saw red rock formations all the way to the edge of New Mexico and soon as we passed the Welcome to Texas sign, it's cowboy country with farms and rolled hay and tumbleweed. Crazy.

We passed just the northern tip of Texas and got weird looks (mostly me). I was the only brown skinned Asian at least where we stopped to get gas and ice. It made me feel so far away from California.

We just had to knock out Texas to reach our next hotel in Oklahoma.

to be continued...

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