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2015 Epic Roadtrip Part 1

It was something that came up in conversations here and there.

The girls were supposed to be with us for the summer, like every summer, but this year they each had seperate camps to go to mid June and July.

Hoping, dreaming mostly, the summer doesn't end without seeing them, we'd throw out ideas on how we could make this happen.

One morning late July I went messin' around online checking out hotels on our "hypothetical" route. I was thinking, hey, a booking won't hurt. They ain't gonna charge right away. So one booking led to two which led to three and ended with six.

I must admit my heart got quite excited realizing the damage wouldn't be that bad and this just might work out.

John, who thought I was working on photos all morning, came into the room. I turned and told him what I've been up to. I could see the excitement in his eyes as he listened and I blurted out, "Fuck it. Let's do it."

So in less than a week, we were to hit the road to Tennessee. That's about 2,300 miles, 33 hours of driving in 3 days to see the girls before school starts.

This was one of those decisions obviously made by the heart. 'Cause had we followed what "made sense," it would have been a no go based on the circumstances of the previous months.

But the thought of spending time with the girls, however short, and being free on the road, were enough to eliminate all hesitation and fear of how worse it might be when we came back.

We needed this. We had to. We wanted to.

In life, there are times when you have to say fuck it and just go.


The less planning the better.

We've both never been on a roadtrip. Yeah, to Tahoe, Vegas, L.A., but always no more than 1 state away. Farther than that, we flew.

This was an EPIC ROADTRIP. I don't even like that word or people who use it but in this case there seems to be no better alternative.


And we had no idea what an understatement that would be after Nashville.

10-12 hour driving days. 8 states in 3 days. And this is just one way. Oh it was on. It was so on. And stumbling upon Into the Wild on On Demand just a couple of days before leaving, we were stoked!

So early morning on 8/2, we packed Baby Betsy (our beloved Prius) and watched the sun gloriously rise on 580.

Just a couple of miles from home and we were feeling the stress just leave our minds and bodies.

We were free.

We were alive.

We were on our own.

We each packed a luggage of clothes, a bag of toiletries (95% of which was mine), 2 mini wheeled coolers (1 for drinks and 1 for sandwich essentials, fruits and snacks), a case of water, a loaf of bread, chips, gifts for the girls from us and nana & grandpa, music and photo stuff.

I had planned on taking our selfies at each state sign but that wasn't as easy as I thought it would be as some of them were even illegal. One even had a cop car hiding nearby behind some bushes waiting for excited tourists. Really? Ain't got anything better to do? But I at least got photos of all of them, I think.

Day 1 was a good wake up call.

to be continued...

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