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10 Ways to Have More Fun in 2016

There's no way we were born to just work and pay bills.

It's essential to have fun, not to escape life, but for life not to escape you.

Make exploration a habit and a sense of adventure one of your best assets. Awesome things don't happen to those who stay at home and watch TV unless it's a new episode of The Walking Dead. Did you see the mid season premiere the other night?! IKR. I found myself clutching my chest a few times. But moving on.

Get out. Meet people. Discover places. Try a new activity. Get a new hobby.

In just the last 3 weeks, my husband and I have had a mini vacation coasting on Highway 1exploring Pescadero and Pigeon Point ending up sharing some clam chowder and calamari and enjoying rides in Santa Cruz, we checked out Super Bowl City, decided to bet on some horses one Thursday at Golden Gate Fields, spent Valentine's playing some Wheel of Fortuneat Graton Casino, been on 2 movie dates and have had our regular walks at Lake Chabot.

Fun is part of our nature but somehow got blurred by routine and expectations. No matter what our circumstances, we gotsta make time for it or we'll end up stuck in a life that is route and a frame of mind where having a good time seems out of reach.

When in truth, it's always in our reach. Because it depends on our decision, intention and action to have it or not.

It doesn't always have to cost money but does require a good dose of creativity and a positive frame of mind.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Spend more time outdoors.

Turn off the TV or Netflix, the Playstation, your phone.

Then, GET OUT.

Get in the car then pick a highway or even just a direction and go. When you feel like making a turn, turn. When something catches your eye, stop and go see it. Maybe you can turn on your phone but just to take photos. Put it on silent.

I love Highway 1 so that's usually my first pick. Nothing beats driving by the coast but it doesn't always have to be far or even by the water. Drive to the next city. Pick a route you've never taken. If you see a taco truck with a line, that's a good sign. Stop and try it. The idea is to simply go without any plans. It's very liberating, no matter the distance.

2. Never say no to an invite.

I'm also guilty of this and resolve to get over it. If somebody invites you to a gathering, any gathering, go. Just say yes without any further thinking then actually show up and be truly present. More likely, you'll have a way better time than you imagined. And I'm pretty sure there's at least one person there you'll end up having an interesting conversation with.

3. Host a party.

For no reason. Invite your close friends at work. Or perhaps your neighbors. Potluck would be perfect. Set a theme to make it more interesting. Mimosa Mondays, BBQ Sundays, Friday (Spiked) Tea Parties. You can even rotate the host to make it an ongoing thing.

4. Accomplish something.

Finish a personal project. Whether it's scanning old photos or raising funds for a charitable cause close to your heart or losing 5 lbs. this month -- complete it. That's more than fun, that's fulfillment.

5. Have a makeover.

Dye your hair. Nothing too drastic. Just some highlights. Trim your bangs. Part your hair on the other side. Wear clothes that aren't your usual style. Put on a new lipstick color. Try a new look, get into it and rock it.

6. Pamper yourself.

You don't need to spend a ton of mooh-lah at spas and salons. It's fun and cheap to do it at home. There's hella recipes online to DIY the services you get at these places. You can start with this and this.

7. Have a partner in crime.

Whether it's your husband, boyfriend, sister or bestfriend, it's always waaay funner to have someone to share experiences with.

8. Start the day right.

Pray or meditate before beginning your day. Get your head right. Be in the right frame of mind. Exciting ideas never come from a negative place. Set your intentions to have the best time each day.

9. Call someone you haven't seen in ages and make a date.

Remember that old co-worker you always had the giggles with, had a couple of drinks with after a toxic day? You were like BFF's for a year. These bitches in your new office don't even come close and you get to see them everyday. Call your old girlfriend up for a drink and re-live good 'ol times.

10. Start a new hobby.

Yoga, barre, mountain biking, photography, hiking, foraging, geocaching, you name it, there's a resource for it you can access immediately online. So no excuses, pick one thing at a time and see what you like!

Never let lack of money ever interfere with having fun. Stop wishing to have a good time and start doing it. Stop counting the days and instead make each day count.



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